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Meet Henriette

Rendezvous with a visionary woman

A museum as homage: this is what Henriette Mayer van den Bergh (1838–1920) achieved in the space of barely three years. After the sudden death of her son Fritz, she realized his unfulfilled wish: to open a museum devoted to his breathtaking collection. Following the opening of the museum, Henriette was hailed as a grande dame. Her enterprising, purposeful and resolute personality made a huge impression.

An exclusive visit to Henriette

Meet Henriette is presented in the museum’s salon and studio, not coincidentally the very place where Mrs Mayer Van den Bergh herself received her guests.

In the privacy of this space, you too can get to know Henriette and her eventful life-story in words and pictures. Just as it was back in 1904, when she showed her collection to no more than a few callers at a time. You are treated as exclusive guests of this visionary lady.


Practical details

"Meet Henriëtte" is an auditory-visual presentation in which the use of the audioguide is essential.

  • Maximum two visitors per hour.
  • Audio tours are available in Dutch, French, German and English.
  • Audio guides can be borrowed, provided you use your own Android earbuds or headphones with a mini-jack connection. Wireless earbuds and headphones cannot be connected. Audio guides are disinfected after each use.