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What is there to do?

Special activities regularly take place in the museum. Make sure you don’t miss them.

For individual visitors

Meet Henriette

Rendezvous with a visionary woman

A museum as homage: this is what Henriette Mayer van den Bergh (1838–1920) achieved in the space of barely three years. After the sudden death of her son Fritz, she realized his unfulfilled wish: to open a museum devoted to his breathtaking collection. Following the opening of the museum, Henriette was hailed as a grande dame. Her enterprising, purposeful and resolute personality made a huge impression.

For groups

Impeccable taste. Fritz Mayer van den Bergh and his collection

For groups

Who was the man who gathered together all the objects you can see in the museum in around 1900? What did he especially like? How did he acquire all these beautiful things?